Meet the Development Team

Verdae Development Inc. has assembled a dedicated team of professionals committed to creating and maintaining a community whose reach will extend far beyond the boundaries of the Verdae masterplan for many years to come.  In addition to encouraging responsible residential and business growth within Verdae, the teamís continued mission is to build a community that residents are proud to call home and one whose impact on Greenville County will be lasting and profound.

Opportunities to join the Verdae community as a resident or business owner are numerous. We welcome your calls and visits, so feel free to contact us any time.

For assistance, please feel free to contact our staff:

  Debbie Wallace, President & COO

  Chris Stover, Project Engineer, Certified Stormwater Inspector

Amanda Lemoine, Administrative & Development Coordinator

The Plan

With strong ties to the community and a genuine interest in the smart growth of the city and region, Verdae has been planned with great respect for the land, the environment, and the surrounding area. Working with developers, builders, architects and other project partners to maintain the integrity of this vision, Verdae Development is a transformational company dedicated to creating a transformational community.


A subsidiary company of Hollingsworth Funds Inc., Verdae Development Inc. was born of generosity and a passion for the community. When the late John D. Hollingsworth Jr. passed away in 2000, the bulk of his self-made fortune, valued at some $290 million, was passed to the Hollingsworth Funds with the specific charge to foster good works in perpetuity. In time, Verdae Development Inc. was created to manage the Verdae project - a 1,100-acre community development plan whose proceeds will directly benefit the people of Greenville County.  For more information about Hollingsworth Funds, visit http://www.hollingsworthfunds.org.