Hollingsworth Funds Announces Leadership Transition

Hollingsworth Funds announces leadership transition of President/CEO Jim Terry and appointment of Gage Weekes as President/CEO

Greenville, SC (March 7, 2018)– Hollingsworth Funds, a community-wide funder for Greenville County, announces the leadership transition of James (Jim) W. Terry, President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Terry will now serve in a part-time role as Director of Strategic Assets—leading investment and real estate strategies. The Board of Directors has promoted Gage Weekes to succeed Terry as President & CEO, effective March 1, 2018. 

Terry joined Hollingsworth Funds in February 2010.  Since that time, Jim has focused on the monetization of real estate and the substantial growth of Funds’ investment portfolio, resulting in an increase of annual philanthropic contributions to Greenville County from $4 million in 2010 to more than $7.6 million in 2017. 

“Professionally and personally, now is the time for me to transition the day-to-day leadership of Hollingsworth Funds,” said Terry. “This organization is in a strong position for the future, and I look forward to continuing my service in a more concentrated area. Gage is deeply rooted in the mission and has demonstrated his ability to not only lead collaboratively, but also to positively impact community change. I’m thrilled to welcome him to the helm.”

Weekes has served as Senior Vice President of Funds for more than five years.  He has led the evolution of Funds’ strategic philanthropy, focusing on a collective, systems-level approach to enhancing the opportunities and pathways that improve economic mobility for everyone in Greenville County.    

“Jim has been a valuable member of the executive team and has been instrumental in advancing Funds’ mission.  We are honored to have him play a continued role in our success,” said Minor Shaw, board chair.  “We are equally confident in Gage and are excited about the strategic direction that he will provide.  The organization continues to be in excellent hands.”

About Hollingsworth Funds
Hollingsworth Funds is a charitable support organization focused exclusively on Greenville, South Carolina. Endowed by the estate of textile executive John D. Hollingsworth Jr., Hollingsworth Funds seeks to ensure that Greenville County is a vibrant and successful community where everyone has a meaningful opportunity to achieve their highest potential. For more information, visit www.hollingsworthfunds.org.