Meet the Reicherts

Right at home with
Marilyn and Don Reichert

TALK Greenville
Written by Kim Hassold

Interior photographed by Rachael Boling

Exterior photographed by Promotion Imaging LLC

Marilyn and Don Reichert first heard about the new development with walkable sidewalks, bike paths to a 20-acre park and neighborhood retail village dropped by an open house and then became the first to purchase a lot in the newly developed community.

These days the Reicherts call Hollingsworth Park home. Marilyn Reichert says the neighborhood has lived up to all expectations.

“Being in the neighborhood gives us so much freedom,” she says. “It’s a lifestyle neighborhood where all can walk anywhere and see neighbors and friends. Our office is only a mile from home and the styles of the other homes are uniquely different.”

The outdoor living space was a top priority and one of the main reasons this particular lot was chosen for the home.

“We made sure from the beginning our outdoor space would be a big part of the budget as it would serve as a second living room,” Marilyn explains. “We chose this lot because of its wedge shape as well as the idea of a Charleston-style side yard that would be shady as it would face north.” The happy ending includes a custom home that looks as if it has always been there, and a family right at home.

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