The Manor

Reminiscent of historic districts throughout the South, The Manor at Hollingsworth Park seems destined to make history all its own. Luxurious architectural structures built on large estate lots are giving residents brand new homes with the elegant charm of yesterday.

This 54-lot neighborhood has been carved out of an extremely beautiful piece of property within the Hollingsworth Park community; featuring rolling hills, mature trees and a heavily wooded backdrop. A premium location for estate living, many visitors are surprised to discover this secluded property - ready for new construction - in the heart of Greenville. 

Neighborhood Features Include:

Why Hollingsworth Park?

Hollingsworth Park is a dynamic model for an urban community – vibrant, diverse, affordable, and energized by Verdae’s core values of community and natural harmony.

There are multiple neighborhoods in Hollingsworth Park’s 300 acres, ranging from apartments and townhomes to spacious luxury homes and retirement living. Hollingsworth Park is a walking community, offering residents ample opportunities to get from place to place on foot or simply to exercise outdoors. It's premier location within the city of Greenville also delivers easy access to just about everything.